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Shapeless Sun Page 15 by InkRose98

As a brony i couldn´t be more amazed for a story so enchanting that takes place a few moments before Shining and Cadence saved the day, with a "what would had happend if...
As an artist i cannot be more happy and proud that you had developed such a personal art, not just in Shapeless Sun, but in every piece of art you have posted, and be loyal to it, improving but never stoping being yourself.
And as a fan....what can i say? You´ve taken some of the most amazing characters of mlp, in the precise moment when all hope was lost and you made an entire new story, impactating, ,enchanting and hooking to the point that we put all apart to see your new work first.
Never change, because we´ll stay by your side, even if you go to Texas, The Moon, the Past, or you stop drawing for a month, a year or a decade...we´ll be here for you,so never EVER stop being the great artist,drawer and, most importantly, amazing person that you are and that we love
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InkRose98 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! That was a lovely and amazingly heart-felt critique! Thank you so very much for this! It made my day, that's for sure! :D
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